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May 22, 2024

TODAY: Mark Wahlberg and Clint Eastwood decide to form their own NON-WOKE Hollywood… according to viral misinformation campaigns on Facebook. 

A local news channel covers this trend of putting “satirical” red meat in front of right-wing audiences to get clicks, and conservatives attack the news outlet for...

May 20, 2024

TODAY we’re talking about the killing of Robert Fortson, a Black US Airman, inside his own home while armed with a legal handgun. We watch the right’s unified front against BLM splinter as body cam footage shows Mr. Fortson pointing the gun down when he is shot.

ALSO: Two Biden staffers resign amid his support for...

May 17, 2024

TODAY: Alex encounters two separate MDC style coworkers in his UPS facebook groups using dead coworkers to promote their awful, reactionary politics. Let’s see how this one plays out

PLUS: Terrace K Williams has $25k stolen from him (?) but won’t stoop to naming the guy who did it (??). We investigate.


May 13, 2024

TODAY: We catch up with Kristi Noem and her curious attempt to dog-kill her way into Trump’s VP slot. 

We look at the bizarre new biography in which she brags about killing a hunting-dog-in-training and falsely claims to have stared down Kim Jung Un. Then we look at the people who still want her as VP.

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May 9, 2024

Today we find out what it’s like to be Tom MacDonald as lesser (zionist) rappers try to come for the crown.

We listen to the new Macklemore track, celebrate how direct and effective it is with its radical messaging but lament the fact that more mainstream artists aren’t doing this.

The backlash to Macklemore’s...