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Feb 27, 2023

This week we read about a landlord self-defense class that teaches property owners and apartment managers what evil lurks in the hearts of tenants (mass shootings) and how to stop them

Also, it's a bleak scene on the right wing as they use a video of a special-needs child assaulting a teacher as a vehicle for their...

Feb 23, 2023

Today we catch up with Ben Stein who just found out about Aunt Jemima, and Jordan Peterson drives himself insane with the idea of non-binary people

Also: James O'Keefe is fired from Project Veritas for annoying sponsors and harassing employees, but the comments know Pfizer is pulling the strings

And finally, a new pool...

Feb 20, 2023

This week we start the episode by listening to the Goldfinger/Good Charlotte 9/11 tribute: The Innocent (not bowling rock)

Then, we dive into the most important news of the week: Matt Walsh's wife calls him out on twitter for a baffling encounter she had with his fish guy, including her husband's many other...

Feb 18, 2023

This week we get revenge on the woke AI chat program by saying nearly every one of the 250 best slurs for white people as compiled by a University Black Student Union.

Also, a conservative animates an entire cartoon to prove he wasn't triggered by Sam Smith

And a new Limp Bizkit video... with a message??

Join us...

Feb 16, 2023

This week we bring BUTT FEST 2000 over to the MDC feed where Alexander, Tony, and Bryan Quinby dive into the potential genre of Bowling Rock.

Bowling Rock: what is it, who is it, and why is it?

We trace the origins of the 1950's-and-60's-influenced genre (think board shorts, bowling shirts, Hawaiian culture,...