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Oct 27, 2022

This week we watch To Die For, the astonishing new film from the wildly reactionary mind of Duke's of Hazzard's John Schneider.

A green-screen, anti-teen fever dream, the movie chronicles Quint North (John Schneider), a veteran of some war, who is intent on triggering the local high school quarterback after he takes...

Oct 24, 2022

This week we hear about a movie about a man with enough guts to violate a high school restraining order--as many times as it takes to prove his love for the American flag

Also, a woman releases a swarm of bees on sheriff's deputies when they try to evict one of her neighbors. We are "beeyond" horrified.

Finally, we meet...

Oct 20, 2022

This week we do feminist analysis of Bro instacart delivery workers who are doing ableism by deciding to cancel my order of buffalo wings and get their hair cut instead

Also, a City Council member of a Missouri town tries to publicly shame a local restaurant for refusing to serve him 20 minutes before closing, and an...

Oct 17, 2022

This week Trump attempts to knock Kanye off the heat-seekers anti-semitism charts with a stern warning to American Jews

and we take a trip back to Sept 2020, when local and national news alike was abuzz with a proocative story: Trump Supporter's RV, Trucks, and Garage Burned down by Biden Anarchists Maybe

A 2022 update...

Oct 14, 2022

This week we're chatting ironic hardcore merch for a minute before moving on to the story of the week: Kanye blowing up his spot in right wing media with ALL CAPS anti-semitism.

Also: RED ALERT! Gen Z has officially CANCELLED the thumbs-up emoji, but a few brave warriors have stepped forward to defend her.

Help us do...