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Apr 22, 2024

TODAY: AP Andy ( ( helps us investigate just what the heck is going on in conservative guys’s heads when they talk about music, first by reviewing shocking basement footage of Bill Maher in a Hawaiian shirt condemning punk music (except for Green Day)


Apr 18, 2024

The Civil War reviews are in! While the newsmedia argues about whether the left or the right liked the movie more, Daily Mail readers are airing their own grievances, namely that the Civil War is unfortunately not real and they don’t get to stack libs like firewood.

Plus, a new sensation is sweeping the nation: Gay...

Apr 15, 2024

TODAY: We review Alex Garland’s Civil War (good) and explain why the haters were wrong (bad)

We begin the episode with a trailer round-up of all the slop that’s fit to slurp: Bad Boys …4? Joey Pants is in Trouble! A British Inglorious Basterds? Sexy Twin Twisters?? Movies are BACK

Then we explore the A24 pump-fake...

Apr 12, 2024

TODAY: We discuss the recent Simpsons episode, “Night of the Living Wage,” in which the class warfare is laid on thick and a billionaire gets crushed by a non-union bulldozer operator.

The show hits on numerous miserable realities for modern workers as Marge is forced to get a job at a ghost kitchen, enduring...

Apr 8, 2024

Strap in folks, it’s a Total Eclipse of the Thought as we dive into our favorite astronomical conspiracy theories surrounding today’s so-called “Solar Eclipse”:

Why is NASA doing cool stuff and why does it sound like they’re writing a nasty doom metal album?

Please ask God to stop screaming numbers into my ear...