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Apr 27, 2023

Today we cover the feuds between Stephen Crowder and Candace Owens and Stephen Crowder and his own wife, who filed for divorce without his consent??

We take the opportunity to peruse the weird freaks picking sides in the right wing media civil war

and Tucker Carlson is fired from Fox News but moves onto something bigger...

Apr 25, 2023

This week we catch up on a couple recent stories, with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the continued sale of an abortion pill (not without some grousing from Alito)

and the Creek Karen's marine brother writes beautiful poetry honoring the young woman's fight against public access to water

Plus we hear a couple...

Apr 20, 2023

Today I break the bad news to Tony: no bonuses this year for the company (him)

and we discover a tik tok bear boss dog mama who is sick of the low-key creepy community that wants to continue using the creek on the land she just bought… and decides to fight back

Also: A Texas ruling threatens to take a common abortion...

Apr 18, 2023

You know it's a good title when I have to put quotation marks around it.

This week we study with horror two extremely Facebook men. The first is a TPUSA reverend who records himself berating LEGO store employees with graphic sexual acts after seeing their pride pins

The second is Daniel Perry, convicted of killing a...

Apr 14, 2023

TODAY: Tony gets embarrassed by a young Hot Topic employee, which leads us down a Metallica rabbit hole

and Alex continues to connect the dots between upper body strength and successful crisis management

Also: a plucky tech-trepreneur disrupts San Francisco with bite-size tutorials on how to boil water and appears to...