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Mar 30, 2023

This week we do pop punk voice for a bit and listen to a Billy Joe Armstrong meltdown before diving into the very bad discourse around yet another school shooting

Also, a young wealthy couple sets a prime example of Bad Landlords when they buy up an entire Welsh village and raise rents by 60% and we attempt to avoid...

Mar 28, 2023

TODAY: it’s nice to go on vacation, but never take a vacation from getting loose. Alex finds out the hard way.

Also, apparently while we were on vacation, Trump was going to be arrested?? and his supporters are “too afraid” to protest on his behalf? 

Finally: Afroman made a music video using footage of...

Mar 23, 2023

This week we grapple with one of Tony's problematic faves: Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her love of child labor

Also: Kaepernick is back in the news after sharing a piece of his new autobiography detailing a racially insensitive comment made to him by his adopted white mother. We talk about the...

Mar 20, 2023

This week we report on incredibly disturbing allegations about republican governor Ron Desantis. Do we really want someone with his disgusting past running the entire country?

and a deranged New Hampshire man visits a school board meeting dressed as Julius Caesar to prove a point about how normal he is, and we follow...

Mar 19, 2023

This week we're chatting about Tin Cup, a movie about a Cool Golfer, but more importantly, a movie about my two dads being best friends.

Also, we examine the film's soundtrack for evidence of the existence of Golf Rock in songs like "Double Bogey Blues."

Our thirst for knowledge unsatisfied, we explore professional Cool...