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Oct 30, 2023

TODAY: Congratulations to the UAW as they force major concessions from auto manufacturers, including a historic raise from Ford and a re-opened plant in Illinois.

Also: we look at Robert Card, the Maine mass shooter, as his social media tells a story of a man obsessed with theoretical trans mass shooters and other right...

Oct 29, 2023

We got the full pack of Disney-Villains-horrified-by-Hamas'-evil rendered by AI for Israeli propaganda. Ursula, Scar, Thanos--the whole gang's here and openly weeping.

PLUS: a teacher giving her student "birthday spankings" goes viral on tik tok and Tony and Alex detail their histories with Birthday Spankings and...

Oct 26, 2023

TODAY: Tony abandons veganism as a group of javelinas destroy a beautiful and not-at-all hubristic golf course in Arizona

And an auto zone employee gaslights Tony about how to spell brakes

ALSO: another one of Trump’s lawyers flips on him and his fans wonder “What is happening?”

FINALLY: the California DMV revokes...

Oct 23, 2023

First, we thank Shaun King for freeing the Hamas hostages but worry about what his tireless pursuit of justice is doing to his mental health

THEN: they’re calling it the best propaganda ever—Israel and the IDF condemn Greta Thunberg as a terrorist for having her stuffed octopus plushie beside her in a...

Oct 22, 2023

Audio from DEATH CHAT 500 (10/21/23)

We chat about... industrial horror? Disaster horror? films like Prince of Darkness and Alien where crews team up to solve the horror movie

And The Daily Wire tries to rip off hit Australian cartoon Bluey, and Queensland's Premier has words for him

Also, a woman begins wearing...